Your roadmap to a successful on-boarding is below.  Your Sponsor should be working with you and answering any questions.  If you have requested and not yet been contacted by a sponsor, click here.

For any other assistance please contact our Military Personnel Division POC at 305-293-xxxx. 
USA: 5595;  USAF: 5496;  USN: 5241;  USMC & USCG:  5449

Road Map to Success

60 Days Out

  • Ensure Household Goods is Scheduled
  • Arrange Vehicle shipment is applicable
  • Contact Housing
  • Review Hurricane Information
  • Ensure CAC and Driver’s License Other IDs will not expire during PCS
  • Request Advance DLA (if applicable)
  • Ensure GTC is active

30 Days to PCS Arrival

  • Complete Security Paperwork (sponsor will email)
  • Forward or Stop Mail
  • Download JIATF-S and NAS Key West’s Newcomers' Guide
  • Gather all Orders, Receipts, and any documentation for your Travel Voucher