J1 Manpower and Personnel

The DOR was established in response to increased manpower and authorities placed on the Command in March 2001.

J2 Intelligence & Security

J2 supports the command with reliable and timely intelligence information and provides appropriate indications and warnings on the characteristics of drug trafficking organizations.

J3 Operations
  J3 provides the direction and control of current operations including the tasking of maritime and air assets assigned to the tactical control of JIATFS and air assets under the tactical control of other agencies.

J4 Logistics
  Ensures decision makers have tactical flexibility and mobility through sound logistics planning. Increases operational options through effective and efficient use of logistics resources and provides internal support to JIATFS staff and facilities infrastructure.

J5 Plans and Policy
  J5 conducts interagency and international engagements for the purpose of building additional resources or capabilities. In addition to efforts in developing policy, strategy, and long-range planning, the J5 directorate identifies requirements, capabilities and integration of programs in order to support the commands operations pertaining to defeating the flow of illicit traffic.

J6 C5I
  Provides the critical communication paths which enable both planning and operations to be conducted from JIATF South. The C5I division provides internal computer and communications system connectivity between divisions while providing an external computer and communications architecture for instant connectivity with both maritime and air assets.

J7 Innovation and Technology
  Leverage innovation in Information Dominance to enhance National to Tactical effectiveness and efficiency through emerging technologies and repurposing/improving existing capabilities. Identify JIATFS/SOUTHCOM mission gaps then research, demonstrate, evaluate, and implement innovative technical solutions to those gaps. Rapidly develop and prototype solutions to requirements in the fields of data visualization, fusion, access, and sharing.

J8 Resources and Assessments
  The Resources and Assessments was established in response to increased funding responsibilities and authorities placed on the Command, Joint Interagency Task Force (JIATFS) South, in March 2001.

International Affairs Division (IAD)
  Through the representation of its Foreign Liaison Officers, as well as the commitment of its Partner Nations and Allies to the fight against illicit trafficking, IAD represents the international engagement of the Command and is responsible for spearheading the efforts for international integration and partnership within the Western Hemisphere and Western Europe.