JIATF South conducts interagency and international Detection & Monitoring operations, and facilitates the interdiction of illicit trafficking and other narco-terrorist threats in support of national and partner nation security.


JIATF South will be the center of excellence for all-resource fusion and employment of joint, interagency, and international capabilities to eliminate illicit trafficking posing a threat to national security and regional stability.


  • Eliminate the primary flow of illicit drugs in and through the JOA.
  • Expand to include all critical International and interagency partners.
  • Achieve 100% domain awareness of illicit trafficking.
  • Shape the command for success.

Narco News
Hurricane Preparedness

Downrange Dialing Instructions

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Where can I get the latest Hurricane Information in the event of an Evacuation?
All Hurricane Information can be found on our external site WWW.JIATFSHURRICANE.NET where updates are made routinely during an evacuation.
When does the hurricane season start? Hurricane season starts June 1st and lasts until November 30th.

Common Access Card (CAC) General Information

This page contains information for use of CAC from a home or personal computer.

For general information on CAC, you can go to the following web site.


Note: The government is not responsible for any hardware or software issues on your personal computer.

CAC Reader Installation Instructions

Ensure you have a CAC Reader and install it on your computer. Check with your organization to see if they can provide a CAC reader, otherwise you may perform an Internet search on 'CAC Readers' to research purchasing one. There are multiple variations available; ensure the one you purchase is compatible with the Government Issued CAC.

More Information

If you're having trouble loading ActiveClient on a Windows 7 computer, you may need to run the install in compatibility mode; instructions are at:


Download and unzip one of the following (depending on whether you have a regular or 64bit version of the Windows operating system installed) into a folder onto your desktop (or other local folder). Run the batch file. This software should automatically configure your CAC readers.


DOWNLOAD 64 BIT CAC SOFTWARE (ONLY for 64 bit versions of MS Windows)

CAC Reader Driver (Click to Install)

Outlook Web Access Login